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List of Scott County, VA Real Estate Agents

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Deskins, Patrick R  2648 Us Hwy 23 N, Weber City, VA 24290   
Erickson, Amanda M  1674 Sloantown Rd, Duffield, VA 24244   
Fleenor, Chad James  516 Kane St, Gate City, VA 24251  276-386-3024 
Fleenor, Chadwick James  516 Kane St, Gate City, VA 24251  423-677-0212 
Hilton, Tommy J  516 Kane St, Gate City, VA 24251   
Hoover, Joana N  531 Cave Spring Hollow Rd, Nickelsville, VA 24271  360-362-2700 
Kern, Alicia K  1702 Fraleytown Rd, Duffield, VA 24244  423-726-2260 
McCarty, Lisa W  236 Homeplace Dr, Gate City, VA 24251   
McGee, Misty M  251 W Jackson St, Gate City, VA 24251   
Meade, Joyce B  531 Cave Spring Hollow Rd, Nickelsville, VA 24271  423-247-8326 

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