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List of Southampton County, VA Real Estate Agents

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Adkins-Sweat, Latoya L  27113 Flaggy Run Rd, Courtland, VA 23837   
Barcroft, Jean E  11470 Modest Neck Rd, Ivor, VA 23866  757-357-5445 
Baugham, Gary D  32309 E St, Boykins, VA 23827   
Derby, Kelsey L  17378 River Rd, Courtland, VA 23837   
Drake, Amy J  24296 Otter Dr, Courtland, VA 23837   
Dumire, Rinni  11470 Modest Neck Rd, Ivor, VA 23866  757-357-5445 
Futrell, Mary M  26086 Trinity Church Rd, Courtland, VA 23837   
Gillette, Jacob E  23211 Main St, Capron, VA 23829  434-658-4123 
Kea, Karen C  35328 General Mahone Blvd, Ivor, VA 23866   
Pollard, Moses F  10213 Waymond Way, Ivor, VA 23866   
Taylor, Jessica H  15053 Old Joyner Ln, Capron, VA 23829   
Thompson, Thomas B  17243 Ivor Rd, Courtland, VA 23837   

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