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List of 20197 (Waterford, VA) Real Estate Agents

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Buchanan, Sharon L  40817 Browns Ln, Waterford, VA 20197  540-882-3559 
Capasso, Mary  40183 Main St, Waterford, VA 20197  703-609-1470 
Condon, Michele L  40188 Water St, Waterford, VA 20197   
Devine, Donald W  15197 Clover Hill Rd, Waterford, VA 20197   
Fraysher, Randolph E  38645 Daymont Ln, Waterford, VA 20197   
Kropp, Ched Mares Y  38790 Boca Ct, Waterford, VA 20197   
Lambert, Dawn M  40729 Hannah Dr, Waterford, VA 20197   
Odonnell, John L  15512 2nd St, Waterford, VA 20197   
Parsons, Dawn M  14648 Sacred Heart Ln, Waterford, VA 20197   
Schneider, Shannon N  P O Box 348, Waterford, VA 20197  540-882-3559 
Schneider, Shannon  40183 Main St, Waterford, VA 20197  304-616-2242 
Shoaf, Patricia R  15715 Clarkes Gap Rd, Waterford, VA 20197   

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