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You're probably aware: email blasts are the most popular and most profitable use of the lists I provide. If you do it right, email is quite simply the most cost-effective means of grabbing new leads and customers. Often, all it takes is ONE sale to pay back the cost of a single email blast. Compare that to any other advertising and you'll quickly realize how potent this weapon is.

In this economy, email blasts should be a part of every marketer's tool kit.

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So Why Don't YOU Do More Email Blasts?

I've been in the list business for 8 years, and the objections I hear most often are....
  • I don't know how to do an email seems technically complicated
  • I'm afraid I'll get hit with SPAM complaints...or, worse yet, legal action!

These are real concerns. Email marketing has indeed become more complicated and legally risky over the last few years...

But What if You Could Tap the Profit Potential of an Email Blast... without Any of the Headaches?

When performed by a qualified professional, email marketing remains the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. And now, I'm prepared to remove all the technical and legal hassles for you...and do it for you at an affordable price.

Here's what you get...

  • Broadcast of any email list purchased from us.
  • Guaranteed compliance with CAN-SPAM law and management of opt-outs.
    All the legal hassle and headaches handled for you.
  • New Domain Name and Website Landing Page: You need this page to avoid any headaches with your hosting or internet provider. And I'll set it up for you. It will even be designed to look like your current website if you so desire.
  • Email Address: Again, to avoid hassles with your service providers, you must set up a new email address to handle the responses you'll get from your blast. I'll take care of that too.
  • Expert Advice: I've been sending email blasts for years. I know what works and what does not and I'll be happy to provide a framework for you to follow to help you be more successful in your email blast. Of course, I can't guarantee the success of any blast, but I can point you in the direction of success and profit.
  • Results Report: 24 hours after your email has been sent you will get a report on how many emails were sent, opened, and clicked on. I can also send you a list of who opened and clicked so that you can follow-up with them if you wish.

That's right, I will give you EVERYTHING you need. Not just the list and the email blast, but also the webpage and email address you need to handle all the traffic your broadcast will generate and protect you from potential spam complaints!

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Compare to Do it Yourself...You Save Time and Money and Hassles...

How long would it take you to...

    -set up your email broadcast account?
    -load the email into your broadcast service?
    -set up your webpage to handle the clicks?
    -set up your email address to handle the replies?
    -compile the results report?

Finally, how much would it cost to do all this? $500? $1000?

And after you've paid all that money and spent all that time...would you be sure you had done it effectively and ... LEGALLY?

Bottom line: you get to use the most effective, most profitable marketing weapon available...without any of the hassle.

So What Does It Cost?

Two simple fees:

  • Set up fee ($300)
  • 2 cents ($.02) per email for the first 10,000 and 1 cent ($.01) per email after that (except for the national lists, which are a significantly discounted flat fee due to the large quantity of emails)

The setup fee covers everything you need to get you started. I will take care of...

  • Registering your website domain name
  • Hosting your website
  • Copying your landing page
  • Uploading your email list
  • Formatting your email message

You do NOT pay the per-email fee until AFTER your list is broadcast. Why? Because you only pay for delivered emails! That's right, if the email does not go through, you don't pay one cent.

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After completing your broadcast, I will provide you a report containing...

  • How many emails were sent
  • How many emails wewere delivered (this is what you pay for)
  • How many emails were bounced
  • How many emails were opened by the recipient
  • How many recipients clicked on the link(s) in the email (click-thrus)
  • How many emails were forwarded to someone else
  • How many recipients opt-ed out of future emails

Full Reporting Helps You Boost Profits Even More

Plus, the report will list the actual email addresses in each category above. Want to follow up on the phone with everyone who clicked through on the link? You'll have that info. Want to offer a referral fee to anyone who forwarded your email? It's right there at your fingertips.

After delivering as many emails as I can, and providing you with your report, I will bill your credit card for the "per email" fee.

Want to do another broadcast? The "resend" fee is only $25 plus the per email fee ($.02 for the first 10,000 and $.01 after that).

So, unless you make changes to your landing page or email message, you can broadcast your message to the same list again or another list (purchased from us) and only pay the per-email fee plus a nominal $25 resend fee. You don't have to pay the $300 setup fee again. (However, if I have to make changes to your email or landing page, there will be an additional re-setup fee... how much depends on what you need us to do. Ask for details.)

So How Do I Sign Up?

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"Dr. Bill was instrumental in helping us launch our national website to agents and brokers throughout the country. If you're looking for a quality email delivery service, we highly recommend Dr Bill. You will not be disappointed!"
-- Tim Larkin

"Dr. Bill is our best source for lead generation. He produces dependable week-after-week results with his lists and email service and gives my campaigns genuine, personal attention that I have received nowhere else. I have tried over 9 different email blast companies and Dr. Bill is hands-down the best around. On top of all of that, Dr. Bill is a pleasure to work with! I would fully recommend his services and products."
-- Kayla Hughes
Hughes Capital

"I can't recommend Dr. Bill highly enough!! He has an uncommon expertise and went above and beyond personally to make our campaign a success on the national level. The best move we have ever made in the email marketing arena. You will be pleased with your choice and success with Dr. Bill."
-- Dan Ruzicka
Capitis Real Estate

"Thank you for all you do, we've found your list very useful and your customer service BY FAR THE BEST especially with the replacement of bounced emails. I've only delt with one other company and that was the worst."
-- Shilo West
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